Pizzeria and Take Away Pizza in Olbia

When most of us think of Italian cuisine, pizza is the very first choice. Everyone loves it and its savory ingredients makes it perfect to enjoy with friends and family at any time of day. Come and taste our delicious Gio Pizzas and we guarantee you will come back for more!

Our Pizzeria

On our menu you can find more than 70 varieties of pizza by the slice, as well as sandwiches and stuffed buns. If you feel like enjoying your pizza in the comfort of your home we offer amazing takeaway pizzas as well. No matter it is a night out, a game night with friends or a business meeting; a delicious pizza is always welcome. In case you're craving a mid-day snack, we offer pizza by the slice that you can enjoy in our pizzeria. At Gio Pizza, you'll find all the flavors of a typical Italian dish. Come over and taste them!
Pizza with cherry tomatoes and basil

Our Ingredients

We are one of the few pizzerias in Olbia open all night. Whether you’re craving a midnight snack or planning a surprise birthday dinner with friends, we are here to make such moments memorable with our delicious steaks and pizzas. We use tasty and wholesome ingredients to make all our pizzas. Our pizza and bun dough are made from flour, water, salt, yeast and oil seeds. For the sauce, we use tinned tomatoes, vegetable oil, salt, oregano and pizzottella. You can order a customized pizza as per your taste and we will deliver it to your home.
For more information, please call us on 349 3187373!
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